Woohoo! S.B. 155, the Brunch Bill, has been passed!

Now let’s #FreeTheMimosa in counties and cities across the state.

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reasons to love the brunch bill

Brunch is Fun!

Brunch has become North Carolina’s favorite weekend pastime. Supporting the Brunch Bill will make it even more fun than it already is.

Brunch Brings People Together

The Brunch Bill will bring more people together to share meals on Sunday mornings, strengthening communities in our local neighborhoods

Brunch Creates Jobs

The Brunch Bill makes it more profitable for restaurants to serve brunch, offering jobs and money to people in the restaurant industry.

Brunch Brings in Tax Revenue

At a time when cities and towns are struggling with growing budgets, more people eating brunch means more tax revenue. That helps keep property taxes down.

What people say

Before we moved here, we had a regular brunch at 11am. Now, we have to wait until 1pm and that takes up a lot of our afternoon. The brunch bill would let us enjoy brunch in the morning and spend the afternoon with friends.
I think more restaurants will offer brunch if this bill passes. That’s good for restaurants, the public and tax revenues.